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Many children, teens and adults are brought to Sunday School and Church every week through our Bus Ministry!


If you or someone you know may be needing a ride to Church, please do not hesitate to call our Church office at 423.847.6557.



Our Church offers a variety of programs for our youth of today!  

We have several Ministry opportunities and activities in which young people can get involved in!



Countless souls have been brought to Christ through our Soul-winning Ministry!

Soul-winning Opportunity Times:

  • Wednesday: 12:00 pm & 4:30 pm

  • Thursday: 6:00 pm

  • Saturday: 10:00 am



Each Wedneday Evening at 6:20 pm we offer a Chidren's Bible Class Club called "Kids For Christ" ages 4-12.  And each Sunday Evening at 5:20 pm is our "Kids For Christ" choir practice.



A needful Ministry- going into local health care facilities, letting this "ofter forgotten" segment of our society know that Jesus still loves them.

We meet every 1st & 3rd Wednesday of each month at 4:45 pm, to hold services at the Life Care Center of Hixson, located off of Hixson Pike behind the Hixson High School.

Sheet Music for Piano


Traditional Gospel Music fills our Services.


There are several Music opportunities awaiting you and your family!



The Sunday School Ministry of HBC is one of the greatest ways to learn & grow as a Christian with other fellow Christians.  We offer Sunday School Classes for every age category.


Don't miss your opportunity to learn more about the Bible.  Sunday School begins this Sunday at 9:50 am.

World Peace

We are seeking to fulfill the Great Commission!


Our Missions Program is the heartbeat of our Church as we partner with others to reach the world with the Gospel!

cerebrum connections logo page.jpg

This ministry was started to help minister to:

  • those who may be suffering with health or emotional issues.

  • Caregivers, and also to those who work in the medical field.

Our Pastor's daughter, Heather, has suffered with two rare diseases since she was 9 years old. Her health journey began in 1994 and is ongoing. In 2015 Heather, had a 12 hour surgery to remove the left side of her brain, which was completely diseased by the aggressive disease known as Rasmussen's Encephalitis. Biblical Truths about God's Grace have been learned throughout years of many trials and hardship and Pastor and Mrs. Cape, have sought to point others to their Source of our Strength, which is found in Jesus Christ!

There are 4 main categories that are offered through the ministry of Cerebrum Connections:

  • CONNECT-4 (Health & Wellness Support Group)

cerebrum connections logo page.jpg
  • "NOOGA-4-A-DAY" A FAMILY EVENT is an event hosted for 4 different families throughout the year called "NOOGA-4-A-DAY" Family Event, where we bring a family to Chattanooga who has a loved one with special needs, and treat them to an area attraction as well as provide their housing and meals while in town; we have also made ourselves available, in a limited capacity, to speak at conferences and offer counsel to those in the medical field, as well as provide the viewing of "A SONG IN THE STORM", which is a Medical Film Documentary of the life of our daughter, Heather Cape; last, we host the annual CEREBRUM CONNECTIONS ONE-DAY SPECIAL NEEDS/CARE FAMILY CONFERENCE at our Church every July.


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