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Our Missions Program is the heartbeat of our Church as we partner with others to reach the world with the Gospel!

  • Annabel de Vallejo Children's Home- Mexico
  • Antonio Arellano- Mexico
  • Tom Castellaw- Germany
  • Mrs. Sam Chastain- USA
  • Circle C Baptist Ranch- USA
  • Mike Cox- AWEM
  • Jimmy Demafiles- Philippines
  • Allen Domelle- USA
  • Steve Heidenreich- Global Church Planters
  • Sonny Fritz- Mexico
  • Daniel Irvin- Romania
  • Rusty Guin Israel
  • Brian Johnston- Canada
  • Bob Jones/Missionary Evangelist- USA
  • Stan Keifer- Philippines
  • Biz Lerisse- Haiti
  • Ricardo Leyva- Cuba
  • Xavier Lopez- Bolivia
  • Doug Marco Jr- Global Missions Project
  • Clarence Moore- Korea/Philippines/India
  • Peter Morris- Kenya
  • Rubin Murillo- Mexico
  • Andres Nunez- Venezuela
  • Jonathan Owens- Bulgaria
  • Nathan Owens- Cameroon
  • Bible Literature & Missionary Found- USA
  • Roloff Ent- USA
  • Gregg Schoof- Rwanda
  • Larry Simenson- Germany
  • Paul Sock- Poland
  • Warren Storm- USA
  • Ben Turner- Canada
  • Mrs. Fred Vaught- USA
  • Joshua Webb- Philippines
  • Jamin Witte- Church Planters


"Ye are the light of the world. A city that is set on an hill cannot be hid."   Matthew 5:14

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